It's all about me darling!

My literary ambles are not so strong, but give me a needle and thread and I can work wonders!

Always one to wear something out of the mainstream, I started making and wearing headpieces and tiaras while clubbing. Friends asked for designs to be made, a few weird and wacky pieces later and happily the word spread.

I acquired new skills studying jewellery and tiara crafting and then one day stumbled into millinery.

Since learning and working with different milliners my love of techniques and materials has become deeper and this combined with a passion for research and old flicks has created Sakura.

I absolutely love working with new designs, tactile fabrics and finally my magpie tendencies for shiny things and ribbons seem to have a purpose!

I design and make couture headpieces for many clients, from supplying the top burlesque artistes of the UK to their ever beautiful onlookers, to blushing brides, their hens and mums.

Recent collections have been showcased in contemporary galleries, music festivals and revivals, but the wonder of the web take my creations as far away as Japan, Hollywood and Hawaii.

All of Sakura’s headpieces include a heady concoction of modern day luxury fabrics and felts, ethical faux furs, antique trimmings and sculptural feathers to make an individual statement, because at the end of the day we’re all unique.

I want my clients to find Sakura fun and hassle-free and the headpieces to be glamorous, comfortable and elegant regardless of the design or motif.

The mission of Sakura, so to speak, is to spread the word of beautiful glamorous headwear that should be worn with pride and always accompanied by a cocktail!

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