Sakura has allowed me to work with some great creative people and here are some of my co-conspirators:

Candee has always been a joy to work with and has fashioned the way that Sakura is viewed on the site. She is professional, endlessly creative but most of all good fun!

Candee photography

Anna is a very beautiful lady with a unique look and intense professionalism. A pleasure to make for.

Anna fur Laxis

Ruby has a platinum blonde rock and roll edge and the camera loves her!

Ruby Fortune

The lovely Kitten von Mew is really versatile and can cover a whole range of eras. My particular favourites are her 1940's war time attitudes!

Kitten von Mew

Millie was my first official model and she set a high bar. Millie is great to work with and a real beauty.

Millie Dollar

Some of the beautiful pictures of Miss Lolly Pops come to us from Retro photo studio. Beautiful, retro and quirky images!

Retro photo studio

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