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Sakura Designs unlocked a new monetisation stream through community management services and handled all marketing strategies
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During onboarding, we initiate a strong partnership foundation through a welcome call and introduction to key team members, emphasising our agency's mission and values. To comprehend your business, we send a detailed questionnaire, followed by a discovery workshop to delve into your brand, values, and goals. By the end, we aim for a comprehensive understanding, set initial goals, and align expectations for a successful collaboration.



After grasping your business dynamics, we enter the strategy development stage. Our team tailors a customised plan aligned with your community objectives and industry trends. In a presentation, we explain the rationale behind each element, valuing your feedback to refine the strategy in a collaborative manner. The finalisation meeting concludes this stage, where we present the refined strategy, discuss timelines, milestones, and clarify roles and responsibilities for your approval.



Moving into the onboarding and implementation phase, our main objective is a seamless integration of our comunity management, development and marketing services,. We kick off with an onboarding session, introducing project management tools and clarifying roles. Tailored training sessions and educational materials enhance your understanding of ongoing processes. Regular check-ins ensure progress, address concerns, and maintain satisfaction. We establish a feedback loop, actively seeking your input for ongoing success, emphasising transparent communication and collaborative efforts to achieve your defined objectives.

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Services For You

Built From Scratch

Comprehensive Community Management

Our service encompasses the entire lifecycle of community building. From initial setup and strategic growth to fostering engagement, moderation, content creation and general community management, we create and nurture communities that thrive. This service ensures a positive and dynamic environment tailored to your brand.

Results-Oriented Blueprint

Strategic Community Marketing

Elevate your brand presence through our strategic community marketing service. We handle social media management, content marketing, influencer collaborations, and email campaigns. Our approach is data-driven, optimising content for search engines, and utilising paid advertising to maximise visibility and audience engagement.

Hands-Off Thriving Communities

Holistic Community Optimisation

Achieve holistic community success with our service that combines analytics, feedback management, and community outreach. We provide in-depth analytics and reporting, gather and act on valuable feedback, and engage in community outreach and partnerships. This comprehensive approach ensures continuous improvement and expansion of your community reach and impact.


Our Clients Reviews

"Sakura Designs has been instrumental in transforming our online presence. Their Comprehensive Community Management service not only helped us establish a vibrant community but also provided strategic guidance for ongoing engagement. The team's dedication to fostering a positive environment aligned perfectly with our brand values. Kudos to Josh and James for their innovative approach!"
Emma Hyndman
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