For companies that want to streamline work, systemise and sequence processes through lead generating platforms.

We build company platforms that generate targeted leads, guide clients and systemise company sequences.

A companies online presence is the forefront of impressions as well as its top salesman.

Our Work Clients Relationships Testimonials

"An exceptional service, with extensive knowledge and understanding to my needs/requirements for an e-commerce website. Mason & Mason requires a lot of background coding for personalisation purposes and Josh worked extremely hard to deliver what I required. Excellent service and final website - would highly recommend!"

Discover how you can save 15 working hours per week by simply implementing online systems to automate multiple components of your company.

Do these sound familiar?

24/7 Communication

Are you anxious without your phone, not being able to check clients messages?

Chasing Payments

Are you always chasing payments and feeling guilty to push?

Product Information

Always find yourself explaining all your product infromation?

Special Requirements

Having to deal with special requirements are needs?

Content Creation

Always juggling content creation with work production?

Scheduling Bookings

Having to run your own calendar. Booking, re-booking clients?

When completing all the above tasks by oneself. It’s detrimental to a companies scalability and level of success.

Service Solutions

Website/eCommerce design

At Sakura Designs, we take great pride in our ability to transform a Company's online presence into a display of perfection. We ensure our client's client is guided through their sales sequence step by step for a smooth and automated process.

Squeeze/Landing Page

Landing pages are imperative to turn leads into clients. It draws leads in from your content and allows to expand information place leads into your sales sequence. Most companies miss out on the ability to double, even triple sales using this system.


Branding is considered one of if not, the most important elements to any organisation ensuring your consumers are left with a memorable impression as well as a benchmark for expectation, through your online space.

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